Veterans Resource Radio

Announcing weekly radio and online streaming radio programs for veterans and/or their families and friends

Broadcast every week at the following times/locations:

Veterans Resource Radio - Rob Newton:

Lake Front TV - "Salute" With Bob Peters:

  • Prism: Channel 21 Prism HD 1021
  • Comcast: Channel 22
  • Brighthouse: Channel 497
  • Florida Cable: Channel 4

Subjects critical to veterans are discussed including:

Finding help - sorting through the nonprofits and their services
Announcing a new Coalition For Florida's Veterans
Coping with PTSD and other physical/mental challenges
Improving relationships with family and friends
What now? Finding jobs/careers
Dealing with financial limitations
Continuing your education
Listen to other vets who have successfully dealt with these challenges

If you have a subject you would like covered, want to share your story or want more information visit or email You may also visit or email